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At The Hauer Group I Believe:
  • Individuals and organizations have reservoirs of talent, genius and energy that are often unknown, underutilized, misplaced or dormant.
  • My life's purpose is to help excavate and nurture my clients' highest performance capacities through intensive one-to-one Executive Coaching Leadership Development programs.
  • I build intimate, trusting partnerships with my clients to summon their innate greatness. By magnifying their one of kind callings, distinctive talents and strengths and deepest goals and desires, I help my clients to truly maximize what is possible inside and outside the organization.
  • My ultimate mission is to serve humanity by cultivating enlightened leaders who are called to make a meaningful, potentially profound, difference on this earth.

I focus exclusively on one-on-one leadership coaching for high-achieving, successful leaders seeking to expand their leadership effectiveness. Often, this includes leaders who are recently in or preparing to move into a new role.

The Hauer Group's approach is simple, yet powerful.

I target one to three leadership behaviors to illuminate, enhance or eliminate. I facilitate my client's deeper self awareness through well-regarded tools of self-discovery and inquiry, frequent stakeholder feedback, ample reflection time, and plenty of opportunity to practice new behaviors. We seek real, sustainable and measurable behavioral change in our leaders. The kind of change that is certainly noticed, lauded and translated to a more positive, far-reaching impact on the organization and its people.


Shary Hauer, Master Certified Coach (MCC)


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