The Hauer Group


“Shary is a remarkable coach, mentor, and friend. I had just left my job as company President, and was ready to do something different; I just wasn’t sure how to focus my energies. My next chapter awaited, but what was it? I called Shary, as I often have throughout my career, and her coaching sessions were exactly what I needed. She asked great questions and helped me realize where my passions and strengths intersect. I now have clarity and purpose like never before. I love having Shary available to set me straight!!” Former CEO, now principal strategic consulting firm

"Working with my executive coach, Shary Hauer, was one of the best things I did for my life and career! A few years ago, I was assigned a coach (Shary) as part of my developmental plan when I took my first CFO role, I ended up working with her for four years. The process changed the way I see myself as a leader, enabling me to recognize strengths and master them. As well as to identify key opportunity areas developing a plan to address them. Shary helped me through some very difficult times and situations, she became a sounding board, and taught me to consistently celebrate wins, something I did not do before. Now that I have moved on into new ventures, what started as a developmental initiative is now part of my personal journey. Today, I still consult with Shary when I have a difficult decision or just talk with her to share a milestone. Shary is the ultimate coach, very dedicated to her clients, a great partner and friend." CFO

“This has been through an incredibly tough year, and in the face of adversity, massive change and uncertainty,  Shary was able to not only keep me focused, but partnered with me to help me evolve into a much better leader (and person). She was never afraid to push me, ask me the tough questions, and hold me accountable for my actions, growth and evolution.  I have to say, this has been one of the best experiences of my personal professional career.  I am so extremely proud of my growth and evolution and look forward to continuing to evolve and grow.”  Regional Vice President, JDA Software

“Every leader must have a willingness to look within him/her self if they intend to develop and grow as leaders. While introspection can be accomplished alone, Shary Hauer is an extraordinary enhancement to this exercise. Shary has a remarkable ability to facilitate a discussion with one's self and assist a leader in exploring both his/her skills and style. Shary provides exceptional insight and is a tremendous guide through the process of reflection and self improvement.” City Manager

“While I was unsure of the value of the coaching process at the beginning, I am a believer in the process today. You were able to help me to realize my true purpose.  It was your encouragement, your optimism, you holding me accountable to the goals I laid out for myself that helped me in my transformation from a manager totally focused on results to a leader with a connected heart, focused on the person.  This transformation has had an impact on me and those around me that I would consider priceless.”  Chief Operating Officer, HomeWise Insurance

“My professional relationship with you has given me a process enabling me to focus on the important things.  You were and are a significant contributor in driving the focus in the root of my failures and the brilliance of my successes.  Our professional relationship has enabled me to focus on changing my communication approach with the individual and adjust to the situation.  It also allowed me the opportunity to focus on making the hard choices and reevaluate what I knew I needed to do all along. You are a very good Coach and no “leadership” training would have allowed me the opportunity to “focus” and accomplish my desired results.  Without this professional relationship, I would have had a very difficult road and I am not sure results would be the same.” Senior Vice President, Customer Services, NCR Corporation

“Working with Shary has provided an opportunity for me to open up to a coach in a safe and objective environment where I feel I can be totally honest and upfront about my insecurities, doubts and areas I know I need to work on without fear of being judged.  Most importantly, I believe the work Shary and I have done together has in a sense "set me free" to allow me to work on developing my potential to perform at a much higher level than ever before.   While I still have many areas to work on, I am able now to acknowledge that I am a "work in progress."  I trust myself and my instincts more and have generally more confidence in my approaches to situations and my decisions.  The time I spend with Shary keeps me focused and continuously challenges me to continue to work on me.” Sales Vice President, LexisNexis

“Shary's work with me was nothing less than superlative. Her insights and developmental ideas for my career and personal growth were so spot on it was amazing. Shary took the time to understand me as a person, as a manager, and also the environment in which I worked before she helped develop a solid personal career and life plan that I follow to this day. My experience with Shary was life changing and she taught me so many ways to look at things differently within the industrial world and the personal world. I recommend Shary Hauer for anyone in need of executive coaching. I would love to have her on my staff.” Director Business Development, GE Aviation Systems

“Shary was instrumental in helping me identify my areas of development in not only my professional life but my personal life as well. She is terrific at taking the feedback from a variety of sources and distilling it down to valuable insights about your leadership and management style and then communicating it back in a way that really helps you understand your opportunities. She is genuine and cares deeply about the people she works with not only during the coaching period but afterwards as well. I not only had a terrific coach help me become a better leader, but I also found a mentor and lifelong friend as well in the process.” Vice President, ConAgra Foods International

“Shary was a great teacher who was concise, compassionate, and direct in her insightful communications and was as committed to my success as I was. She ultimately returned me to a state of self-awareness, confidence and balance that made a transformational difference in my spiritual, work and family life. Shary was truly one of the great souls who has crossed my life path and made an imprint that will last a lifetime.” SVP, Hearth& Home Technologies